‘American Gothic’ brings the total of current shows with ‘American’ in the title up to 9

01.28.16 3 years ago

American TV networks sure like making movies with the word “American” in the title.

With today”s news that Virginia Madsen has been cast in upcoming CBS drama “American Gothic,” it”s become clear that there”s a lot of Uncle Sam in titles for today”s television shows. By our count, there are no less than nine series with the word “American” their name. If last year”s NBC military drama “American Odyssey” hadn”t been canceled, we”d be counting all of these “American fill-in-the-blank” shows amid peak TV on two hands. And if Netflix”s “Wet Hot American Summer” gets renewed, that“ll be one more on this list.

But this doesn”t mean there”s an abundance of flag-waving, sincerely patriotic television on the air right now. Just look at “American Dad!” 

So while you”re trying to figure out the difference between “American Crime” and “American Crime Story,” we”ll run down this list for you:

“The Americans”
“American Idol”
“American Dad!”
“American Crime”
“American Crime Story”
“American Horror Story” (yes, it”s coming back for a season 6)
“American Ninja Warrior”
“American Gothic”
and “American Gods” currently in-the-works, premiering later this year (by the way, Starz announced today who will play Shadow)

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