Analysis: Meryl Streep the biggest winner after 2012 Golden Globe Awards

When the 69th Golden Globes began Sunday night, this pundit wasn’t at a viewing party at the Beverly Hilton.  He wasn’t live-blogging the show from the comfort of home (less than two miles from the Hilton) either.  Instead, and no disrespect to the never met a cologne they didn’t like Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but Awards Campaign was in the middle of a championship final at a Las Vegas basketball tourney that was a tad more pressing (we all need lives people).  And while the LA United pulled out an impressive win in over time (booyah), “The Iron Lady’s” Meryl Streep found herself pulling away with an equally impressive win for best actress drama.

Granted, the votes of the 80-plus members of the HFPA aren’t representative of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but it’s a great publicity win in a race between Streep and “The Help’s” Viola Davis that should ebb back and forth all the way to Oscar Sunday next month.  Streep, a two-time Academy Awards winner who should have won a third statue years ago, has taken the Globe.  Things will get more interesting when Davis (likely) walks away with the equivalent SAG honor at the end of this month.  If Streep doesn’t win the BAFTA, Tilda Swinton likely will.  That will set up a showdown for the big prize that is still too close to call at this point.  Moreover, it could even find “My Week with Marilyn’s” Michelle Williams upsetting if Davis and Streep split a majority of the support (don’t laugh, it’s unlikely, but Oscar loves an ingenue).  But, right now The Weinstein Company has a significant win to push when the second phase of Academy campaigning begins after Oscar nominations are announced this Tuesday. And not just at the box office (just nobody tell Academy members the Globe win doesn’t really mean much, OK?).

Among the actual awards, this pundit is happy to say I guessed 12 of the 14 awards correctly.  “The Descendants,” “The Artist,” George Clooney, Jean Dujardin, Michelle Williams, Octavia Spencer, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese and Christopher Plummer all came out on top as predicted.  Let’s take a look at the two categories that surprised.

Best Animated Feature Film

Greg’s prediction: “Rango”

Actual winner: “The Adventures of Tintin”

Lowdown: This could have gone either way, but in hindsight I should have realized the membership would want to reward their former Cecil B. DeMille award winner considering they snubbed him in the best director category for “War Horse.”  This win likely won’t influence the Oscar winner in this race, but it’s nice recognition for the critically acclaimed flick.

Best Original Song – Motion Picture

Greg’s prediction: “The Living Proof” – “The Help” Music by: Mary J. Blige, Thomas Newman, Harvey Mason, Jr.

Actually winner: “Masterpiece” – “W.E.” Music & Lyrics by: Madonna, Julie Frost, Jimmy Harry

Lowdown: Um. Well, I love me some Madge, but this is probably the most suck up win of the night.  Yes, Madonna was on hand and presented on the show, but was this a better song for than “The Living Proof” or Elton John’s “Hello Hello.” Then again, this is the org the didn’t nominated one tune from “The Muppets.” We should have known.

So, besides the revelations held within the just announced Orange BAFTA Film Awards nods, there won’t be much to spin the races until Oscar nominations are revealed next week.  And while there will no doubt be a number of surprises the race that will get the most attention will continue to be best actress.  Unless you really think “The Descendants” can beat “The Artist” for best picture.  Of course, that’s another discussion entirely…

Do you think Streep’s Globe win helps her campaign for a third statue?  Share your thoughts below.

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