Animation Domination: Seth Rogen wants to make more like ‘Sausage Party’

The success of the kitchen nightmare (apologies to Gordon Ramsey) that is Sausage Party could mean a whole lot more R-rated animated films – that is, if Seth Rogen has his way. And we”re guessing he will.

The film”s writer, producer and star told Fandango that he”s keen on making more just like the movie that grossed $33.6 million on its opening weekend. Considering the budget was only $19 million, Sony, the studio behind the flick, would be foolish to back away from that potential. This brings us back to what Rogen wants to do.

“We have ideas for other R-rated animated movies that have nothing to do with Sausage Party,” Rogen said. “Hopefully it won't take this long to make the next one because it won't take five years to convince someone to make it. The whole problem before was there was no precedent for it, so hopefully [Sausage Party] will show people that this is a viable thing to do.”

The movie stars Rogen and his typical crew – James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and Michael Cera – as hotdogs who soon find out that getting purchased at the grocery store isn”t the beginning, but the beginning of the end.

Sausage Party was a tasty choice for critics. Of the more than 100 movie reviewers who saw it, the film generated an 82 percent “Fresh” score. HitFix”s own Drew McWeeny was among them, as he said “I love it” while giving it an A-.