‘Sausage Party’ surprises at the box office, ‘Suicide Squad’ stays on top

Last weekend there was a lot of chatter after Suicide Squad wound up breaking previous records held by Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy. While the Warner Bros. comic adaptation remained at number one this weekend, not too far behind was Seth Rogan's Sausage Party doing better than predicted.

From BoxOfficeMojo.com:

At the top of the chart, Suicide Squad dropped 67.3% for an estimated $43.7 million, almost spot on what we were expecting after its opening weekend seven days ago. The film's domestic cume is now up to $222.8 million while it added another $58.7 million in its second weekend internationally, bringing its global cume to $465.3 million after 12 days in worldwide release.

Which is, you know, still pretty good money. Though The Hollywood Reporter adds, “It's one of the biggest decline for a studio superhero movie, and for WarnerBros. and DC, it's deja vu all over again after Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice tumbled 69 percent earlier this year in its second weekend.” And Forbes adds that Suicide Squad beat Guardians in another aspect, the biggest second weekend in August (that Marvel film took in $42.1 million).

Sony's Sausage Party took in $33.6 million giving it the number two spot. BoxOfficeMojo notes the differences between the other R-rated comedy in recent history:

Despite the low studio expectations, the film's opening weekend shouldn't come as too much of a surprise as it is right in line with Ted 2's $33.5 million opening last year, which went on to gross just another of $81 million. The glaring difference between the two films, however, is the $68 million budget for Ted 2 while the reported budget for Sausage Party is only $19 million.

Disney's Pete's Dragon remake landed third this weekend with $21.5 million. This is one I actually wanted to get out for this weekend but didn't because it was too damn hot in New York. I'm disappointed I didn't see more marketing for it in general, I've heard nothing but great things about it.

Lastly from BoxOfficeMojo, the other “new wide release is Paramount's Florence Foster Jenkins starring Meryl Streep, which debuted with an estimated $6.58 million from 1,528 theaters. This almost lines up exactly with Streep's Ricki and the Flash, which debuted in early August last year with $6.6 million from 1,603 theaters before going on to gross $26.8 million.”