‘Annie’s’ movie-within-a-movie is an obvious ‘Twilight’ parody

Have I mentioned that the “Annie” trailers are terrible? It's true! You know it. I know it. Cameron Diaz knows it. I will say that I've heard some not terrible things about the movie, but I choose not to believe it.

Me? I'd rather watch Phil Lord's “Moonquake Lake,” the movie-within-a-movie featured in the musical remake that stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in a story about a space-girl and her Earth boyfriend and also Rihanna as Megan Fox in “Jennifer's Body.” There's a water creature too! This is, of course, a spoof of “Twilight” and its assorted YA brethren, from the flannel shirts and woodsy setting to that horrific dialogue (“Things happen for a reason.” “Says the boy who doesn't have to go home to the moon every night.”)

And thank goodness: this explains Sia and Beck's soundtrack contribution. I was having real trouble with that.