‘Arrested Development’: Will Arnett is as miffed as you that Season 5 isn’t here yet

It”s been more than three years since Netflix delivered the long-awaited fourth season of the cult classic Arrested Development. And then…silence. Seemingly ever since, there have been rumblings of a fifth season, but the Bluths have not gotten back together. The cameras aren”t rolling. And we”re stuck watching the same episodes again and again. It seems that lack of progress is also starting to get to one of the show”s key cast members, Will Arnett.

In an interview with The Wrap, Arnett said of the potential return of the Emmy-winning series,  “I don”t f***ing know…I know that everybody is game to do it. We all love doing it…The people responsible for actually putting it together just need to get their s*** together.”

Arnett added, “It”s something that”s always out there and it”s something that we”re always constantly kinda talking about, and how can we do it and when can we do it…We go so far as to start to discuss the scheduling of it and when that would be, and for whatever reason it kind of gets slowed down.”

The show about a semi-functional family was a critical darling when it was first introduced in 2003. Despite all the praise, Arrested Development could never find its footing on FOX. After three seasons, the broadcast outlet cancelled it, and dumped the final four episodes on a Friday in February 2006. It was brought back in 2014 on Netflix, but reviews were mixed.  HitFix”s Alan Sepinwall called it “hilarious at times, misconceived at others.”

Perhaps Season 5, if it ever happens, will get everything straightened away.