‘Arrow’ Is Bringing Back An Original Cast Member, With A Twist

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03.27.17 5 Comments

Admittedly, on the Arrow liveblog, I’ve made a lot of fun of Laurel, played by Katie Cassidy, over the years. But over the last few seasons, Laurel has greatly improved as a character, especially Black Siren, or as we like to call her Evil, Fun Laurel, who hails from an alternate reality. And it looks like the show agrees, because Cassidy is back, and she’s the bad guy.

Specifically, the CW has announced that Cassidy will be reprising Black Siren in the last two episodes of season five, and will be returning as a series regular in season six. That’s especially interesting because this season is heading to a climax where we learn just how Ollie, who it turns out spent the five years he was supposedly trapped on island hellhole Lian Yu as a secret agent, gangster, and ninja, got back on that island in time to be rescued.

It will also, of course, revive a lot of conflicting memories in the Arrow crew, as Black Siren looks like their friend but, uh, is a homicidal criminal who tried to stab them in the back once courtesy of this season’s big bad, Prometheus. We’re kind of hoping for a Grant Ward-esque career as the perpetual thorn in Ollie’s side. But we’ll find out at the climax of this season, when Cassidy returns.

(via the CW)

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