One Of The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Directors Explained Why He Has No Regrets

Marvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame has made a lot of money. What’s more, despite its monstrous length (which is about to be bested by none other than Martin Scorsese), everyone involved in the massive undertaking doesn’t seem to have any problems with how it all turned out. This is especially true for co-director Joe Russo, who — during a recent talk with Google — explained why he and his brother Anthony don’t have any regrets about their decisions regarding their final bow with Marvel Studios.

Per Comic Book, Russo addressed the topic after one of the fans in attendance asked him about whether or not he and his brother had wanted to go back and edit Endgame after the fact. “If we regret anything by the end of it, then we did not do our jobs right,” he began:

“As we’re making the film, we’re shooting a year. So something we shot two months in we can watch three months later in the edit room and decide we don’t like performance, we don’t like the tone, we didn’t get the joke right, we didn’t get the emotion right and we reshoot it.”

Sure enough, Marvel’s films are famous for building in plenty of time toward the end of their production schedules for reshoots, and Endgame had plenty of reshoots. Even Tony Stark’s famous final line to Thanos at the very end of the movie’s climactic battle, which many fans would argue is one of the film’s best moments, was added at the last minute.

You can watch all 39 minutes of Joe Russo’s recent Google talk below.

(Via Comic Book)