‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Hulk-Smashes The Record For Advance Ticket Sales, Beating Out ‘Black Panther’

03.16.18 7 months ago


Records are meant to be broken, and if any movie was going to break Black Panther‘s superheroic day one ticket pre-sale record, it would be Avengers: Infinity War. Now Deadline is reporting that Infinity War has crushed the record like it was aluminum instead of vibranium. Most impressively, it took the 24-hour record in just six hours.

Black Panther topped the previous record-holder Batman V Superman‘s record, which led to the movie breaking Captain America: Civil War‘s three-day opening record, taking in $202 million in its first weekend. That’s a lot of record-breaking for superhero movies, and Infinity War seems poised for the phrase “all-time” if this keeps up.

Fandango, who started the pre-sales at 9am est on March 16, released some interesting stats from an exit poll conducted after fans bought their Infinity War tickets:

  • 97 percent can’t wait to see how dozens of heroes work together in the same film.
  • 94 percent are excited to see different franchise characters meeting one another for the first time.
  • 92 percent see Infinity War as the culmination of all of the MCU films before it.
  • 87 percent have seen all of the MCU movies.
  • 71 percent saw Black Panther on the big screen.
  • 60 percent claim Black Panther made them even more excited to see Infinity War.

It seems like a decade of movies culminating in the largest collection of superheroes ever seen on-screen turned out to be an excellent idea. The one question Fandango didn’t ask, though… Who is going to die?

(Via Deadline)

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