Ben Affleck Takes Out Some Frustration On Casey Affleck Over Being Snubbed In His Golden Globes Speech

Ben Affleck was the guest on Monday’s post-Golden Globes episode and part of the discussion had to be focused his brother Casey Affleck. The younger Affleck walked away with a best actor statue last night and seemed to thank everybody — including the vile Matt Damon according to Jimmy Kimmel — but neglected to give his brother even a nod. And Ben Affleck noticed. It doesn’t help that Ben gave his brother a shout out when he won for Good Will Hunting all those years ago. Luckily there’s some time to make up for it at the Oscars next month, but Ben Affleck got a little revenge with Kimmel by dropping some silliness about his brother.

Not only did we get to find out that Casey Affleck touched himself to Small Wonder as a kid, but he apparently asked if Back To The Future was based on a true story. Both of those are apparently “bullsh*t” as you hear Affleck say at the end of the interview, but that doesn’t diminish their laughs. Also, I’d like to think a small part of it had some truth within, mostly because we’d all love to have our own time traveling adventures and a true Back To The Future would mean that’s possible.

Also bringing the Manning brothers into this is just a cold move. Next they’ll be eating Oreos and selling insurance together in the Kimmel studio. When you summon them, that’s what they do.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)