Best and Worst: ‘Tammy’ gives ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ a run for its money

Listen, we feel bad for Melissa McCarthy.  She's an incredible actress and comedienne.  She became an unexpected box office sensation because of her ability to pull laughs from even the lamest material.  She rocked in “Bridesmaids.” She made “Identity Thief” watchable on a plane. She ruled “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock.  She was even one of the funniest parts of “This is Forty.”  Her new comedy/dramedy/call it what you will “Tammy”?  Unfortunately, not one of McCarthy's finest moments.

That being said, we were able to find some positives in the movie.  Obviously, you can't throw that much talent into a picture without having something work right? (Right?)  We never thought it would be harder to do than our “Best and Worst of Transformers: Age of Extinction,” but summer movie season is always full of surprises.

Check out our best and worst of “Tammy” in the embedded gallery below.  Agree? Disagree? Make your voice heard in the comments section.