‘Iceman’ Leads This Week’s Best New Comics

It’s strange that Iceman, Marvel’s solo book starring the X-Man which has its fourth issue arriving this week, isn’t getting more attention. It’s not just that it’s Marvel’s first book anchored by an openly gay superhero; it’s that Sina Grace and Edgar Salazar are consistently delivering a smart, funny superhero book where Bobby Drake’s personal life is tied cleverly to the fun superheroics on the page. And this issue just underscores how brilliantly that’s been done.

This issue opens with Bobby writing a letter to his parents to start his long overdue departure from the closet for them. But it’s quickly derailed by a student going missing from the X-Mansion, leading Bobby to track him down in an after-hours club. One small problem, as fans can tell from the cover: Daken, Wolverine’s jerkass son, is in the mix.

Grace practically turns Bobby into James Bond here, as he sneaks into the club with an ice statue, smoothly works his way through the club, and even takes out a would-be seducer in a hilariously suave manner. There’s even a rooftop fight. And it ties to an ending splash panel that’s going to shake Bobby up in even more ways. Iceman has quietly become the kind of character-focused, smart superhero book we need more of.