Ranking Beyonce’s new videos from worst to best

Unless you’ve been hiding underground, you already know that Beyonce released her new self-titled album and accompanying 17 videos on iTunes with no advance notice. And based on early sales numbers, you probably already bought the album and got sucked into the videos. 
Beyonce’s image — musically and physically — is one of pop music’s most meticulously crafted, but here we see new sides of her here (plus: a lot of her backside). Amid the sexual fantasies and opulent fashion, Bey is trying to convey something personal. In the best videos, she is a flawed and fragmented pop star, making complicated statements about power, fame and femininity. In the worst videos, she is beholden to the perfectly-molded Beyonce artifice.
Watch a 30-second preview of all 17 “Beyoncé” videos, ranked from worst to best. Which ones are your favorites?