Bill Clinton to make his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ debut next week

Bill Clinton to make his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” debut next week
The former president is visiting Kimmel after their epic selfie over the weekend. PLUS: “Wheel of Fortune” winner Emil Deleon correctly guesses Kimmel”s questions.

“The Good Wife”s” Hunter Parrish: “My heart was pounding”
“I think my first response was to be entertained,” he says of Sunday”s episode, “and then my second response was to be completely honored that they thought that I would be the right person to be a part of this story and to be excited about the massiveness of what this meant for the show.”

“How I Met Your Dad” replacing the female best friend
Krysta Rodriguez is out after signing to play Greta Gerwig”s fashion blogger female best pal. Apparently there were character changes after the table read.

“Homeland”s” James Rebhorn wrote his own obituary
Rebhorn penned the obit this month, before his death.

Josh Radnor has known about part of the “HIMYM” finale since Season 1
“I was let in on a big thing [in the] first season,” he says. “I thought they weren't going to do that, and then they said, 'No, we're still doing that.”” PLUS: With 1 hour to go, “HIMYM” still has a lot of business to take care of.

Shouldn”t STDs affect “Game of Thrones” characters?
A medieval historian weighs in on whether STDS could have been rampant in those fictional times.

Jerry Springer agrees to stop using “tranny” on his show
Springer said he received backlash for titling a recent show, “Trannies Twerk It Out.”

Kaley Cuoco gets her wedding date tattooed on her back
See the roman numerals on “The Big Bang Theory” star”s upper back.

Dr. Phil”s wife launches her own lifestyle brand
Robin McGraw Revelation debuts with a skincare collection.

ABC releases the official “Bachelorette” portrait
Check out Andi Dorfman and her roses.

“True Detective” meets “The Hardy Boys”
Check out a book cover mashup.

Introducing “The Office” Time Machine
A new website puts every cultural reference on the NBC sitcom in context.

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