‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Has An ‘Ultimate Easter Egg’ That Will Never Be Seen


Black Mirror‘s interactive (but NOT choose-your-own-adventure) film Bandernsatch has a trillion permutations and multiple endings, one of which “embarassed” creator Charlie Brooker so much that he almost didn’t show it to Netflix. There’s also one scene that will never be seen the public, who probably don’t deserve good things, anyway, not after what they did to Will Poulter.

“There’s even a chunk in there that you can’t get to because we changed something, so there is a little section in the middle that will never be seen,” Brooker revealed to the Hollywood Reporter. “So I was saying we should have dubbed the Beatles onto it because then we would have had a great piece of music that we didn’t have to pay for and it would be the ultimate Easter egg.”

It cost $250,000 for Mad Men to get the rights to “Tomorrow Never Know,” and even with Beat Bugs, it’s unlikely Netflix would have gotten a discount to use a Beatles song on Black Mirror. (Brooker had to settle for Morrissey.) But for argument’s sake, which Beatles song would have worked best in Bandersnatch? Probably “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da,” to further drive Stefan insane.

Black Mirror, which returns for season five sometime this year, also came up in a recent interview with Jordan Peele. The Us director is aware of the comparisons being made between his Twilight Zone reboot and the Netflix series, but there’s a big difference between the two: Black Mirror “goes darrrrrrk. Dark dark. As dark as anything I’ve ever seen — and I love that.”

Peele choosing his morning cereal must be a wild ride, then.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)