‘Black Panther’ Is Returning To Some Theaters For Free Screening During Black History Month


Will people still be watching Black Panther in 30 years? Probably, but if you can’t wait until then, AMC is hosting screenings of the Marvel movie. For free!

To celebrate Black History Month, Black Panther (which made over $1.3 billion at the international box office) is returning to select AMC theaters from February 1 through 7. That is not-so-coincidentally right before Oscar voting closes, on February 12. The Ryan Coogler-directed film is up for seven Academy Awards, including Best Original Score (check out our interview with Ludwig Göransson), Best Original Song, Best Costume Design, and in a historic first, Best Picture.

“The only way we ever wanted to do this project was the right way and that meant finding a filmmaker who had something personal to say, who had a vision and could take this character into another arena and showcase the power of representation on a canvas of this size,” Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said after the nominations were announced. “We’re very, very proud of what this film has done. The movie has made a cultural impact that is just humbling and gratifying to see. And we’re very grateful to the Academy for this recognition.”

For more information on the free screenings, head here.

(Via Deadline)