Britney Spears starts countdown clock on her website: To new single? Vegas dates?

Heads up, Britney Spears fans. Something Britney this way comes on Sept. 17.

Spears posted a countdown clock on her website today with the words “Britney Spears” and “All Eyes On Me” with the clock counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to some big event.

Is it a new single? A new album? Her long-awaited Las Vegas residency a Planet Hollywood?

We know that Spears has been working on a new album. She”s talked about it plenty without really saying anything in that Spears-ian way of hers.

She”s collaborating with William Orbit, Naughty Boy, and will.i.am, who is the executive producer for her eighth studio set.

Spears told Ryan Seacrest in June, “Will has a lot of really interesting different tracks that I’ve listened to that are really cool that I haven’t actually written on yet, but there’s a lot of guitar and I think people will be surprised with this album. It’s gong to be really different.”

Given that Spears says she and will.i.am were in the “beginning stages” in June, it seems unlikely that Sept. 17 will signal an album release. Maybe it”s more news about a potential album release. We will add, however, that albums drop on Tuesdays and Sept. 17 is  a Tuesday.

As far as “All Eyes On Me,” an eagle-eyed commenter on Billboard.com, noted that the phrase appears in the words to Spears” song, “Circus.” I”m not really sure there”s anything to be made from that, but there you go.
What do you think will happen on Sept. 17?