‘Alien’ Day just got a lot cooler: Sigourney Weaver is in the mix

Any proper fan of the Alien franchise knows that 426 is a special number: LV-426 is the name of the moon where Ripley and company first encounter the xenomorphs. In their honor, 20th Century Fox has proclaimed April 26 to be Alien Day.

This means there will be a bunch of Alien-themed events (you can find a nice round-up here), including Reebok making special edition “Alien Stomper” shoes modeled after Ripley's footwear in Aliens and Alamo Drafthouse holding screenings of Aliens (which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year) across the country.

The Los Angeles screening will have Jenette Goldstein (Pvt. Vasquez) and Carrie Henn (Newt) in attendance, while the New York screening will have Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver. If you've ever wanted to watch Ripley with Ripley, this is for you. 

(Also, if you're a big Ripley fan, you should be ashamed of yourself for letting her just barely lose out to Furiosa in HitFix's March Mayhem contest!)

More information and tickets can be found here