Chadwick Boseman Is ‘Black Panther’s’ T’Challa, Struggling His Way Through ‘Black Jeopardy’ On ‘SNL’

T’Challa is only beginning to get used to the culture of the west. As we know from Black Panther, the King has spent the majority of his time in Wakanda, isolated from most of the world beyond going to conferences at the United Nations at the behest of his late father. But now we know he’s in the world ahead of the Infinity War, and the Avenger is doing his best to assimilate while remaining true to his roots. So, he’s joined Black Jeopardy.

At first, the stoic T’Challa is a fish out of water. “Fidna” asks “why your cable bill is in your grandmama’s name,” to which Chadwick Boseman, fully in-character as T’Challa, answers: “to honor her as the foundation of the family.” That’s wrong. Leslie Jones interjects the correct answer: “I’m fidna to get a car and I don’t need that on my credit.”

T’Challa takes the lesson to heart, and his answers to the White People category finally fit the competition of Black Jeopardy. “Your friend Karen brings her potato salad to your cookout.”

After much consideration, T’Challa seems to understand the game. “It is noble that she volunteer to cook for everyone. And although I have never had potato salad, I sense that this white woman does not season her food. And if she does, it is only with a tiny bit of salt and no paprika, and she will probably add something unnecessary like raisins. So I feel I should say, ‘aw hell no, Karen. Keep your bland-ass potato salad to yourself.'”

And with that, T’Challa wins.