‘Black Panther’ Roars Past ‘Titanic’ To Reach A New Level Of Box Office Success


2018’s undisputed box office champ (at present) is Black Panther and ticket sales continue to climb skyward close to two months removed from the Ryan Coogler blockbuster’s debut. The Marvel offering’s latest feat? Roaring past James Cameron’s Oscar-winning drama Titanic to get into some rarefied U.S. box office air. Of course, the film’s value has been way more than monetary even before its premiere.

Already crowned one of the ten highest-grossing movies of all-time globally, Black Panther has now surpassed Billy Zane and Titanic to reach the number three spot overall for U.S. box office gross. On Friday, Titanic held the lead with a $659.5 million gross to Black Panther‘s $659.3 mark, but that total’s been eclipsed by the Chadwick Boseman fronted film. The bronze position isn’t too shabby of a place to be at all (especially when you’re the highest ranking Marvel entry), but there are two behemoths still to cross if Black Panther wants the overall crown. Another Cameron joint, Avatar, sits in second with $760.5 million. Placed at number one is Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a gargantuan $936.7 million U.S. box office bow.

Oddly enough, the biggest threat to Black Panther‘s Top 3 U.S. box office status might come from another Wakanda-affiliated blockbuster. The star-stuffed Avengers: Infinity War has a healthy infusion of Black Panther in the proceedings and it’s set to debut at your local multiplex on April 27.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)