Chris Hemsworth Mocks The Rock With A Gym Video While Thanking ‘Infinity War’ Fans

Avengers: Infinity War won’t stop shattering records, nearly three weeks after its release, so Chris Hemsworth decided to send a message to fans. He did so on Twitter while thanking folks “for supporting this little community theatre production,” but more importantly, he did so while mocking the heck out of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s habit of marking any occasion with a gym video.

In the above video, Hemsworth removes any doubt as to the identity of his target. “Just taking a leaf out of The Rock’s book,” he grunted while lifting a dumbbell. “Every time he does a post, he’s at the gym, so I’m just gonna do a couple curls while we’re chatting.” Only then did Hemsworth express effusive gratitude toward fans, who undoubtedly enjoyed the delivery mode at hand.

In response, The Rock’s taking things in stride, unlike his reaction to every grunt from Vin Diesel. Nope, Johnson is not interested in engaging in a war with The Avengers, so he tweeted congrats to Hemsworth while also suggesting that he “be naked from the waist down” next time around. Well, alright.