Chris Pratt And Josh Gad Use Instagram To Make Painful Celeb Fitness Funny

By now it’s well-known that social media is not an accurate reflection of our lives. We share the good stuff, things that make us look smart, or funny, or attractive. No one can tell your life is falling apart if you crop and filter properly, right?

Never is this truer than when you follow the social media accounts of celebrities. Objectively we know their lives aren’t perfect, but the jet-setting and the luxurious vacation destinations make it easy to forget. Even when actors like Jason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson share their workout routines, they make it look easy and fun. Not the miserable grind that makes the average person turn their treadmill into an impromptu coat rack and their gym membership into a self-imposed lazy tax.

But it’s not like they can complain. We expect famous people to be fit, but the wrath of the public comes down hard if celebrities make their bodies look either too easily attainable or pull the curtain too far on how difficult it is to remain in peak condition. A difficult line to walk. Which is why a sense of humor can help. Two celebrities who are pushing back against the idea that diet and exercise are easy without coming across as insufferable? Actors Chris Pratt and Josh Gad.

Pratt is currently on set filming Jurassic World 2 which means he’s still maintaining the cut look he worked hard to achieve back for Guardians of the Galaxy. To help ease the pain of meticulous calorie management, Pratt has started an Instagram series called #WhatsMySnack. Each day Pratt introduces the audience to the nutrient-filled but bland as heck food he’s eating.

On the exercise front, Josh Gad has a running series of video with his personal trainer Alexander Denk. The tone of the videos might be light-hearted, but for anyone who’s ever struggled to make it through a workout, Gad’s distaste for this necessary feature of his career will connect with you on a soul level.

Should we feel sorry for these millionaires? Naw. But can we relate to their plight of trying to balance staying in shape and just wanting to live? I think so. As far as I’m concerned, more celebrities should pull back the curtain. Fitness is part of their job, and they shouldn’t be required to pretend it’s easy or fun. Especially if they can make it relatable and funny instead.