Chris Pratt Still Pranks His ‘Parks And Rec’ Co-Stars With Photos Of His Own Poop

Entertainment Writer

If you’ve watched those incredible Parks And Recreation bloopers, you know that bowel movements and bodily functions are a common source of humor between the cast members. Most of it coming from Chris Pratt because he’s an adorable animal that doesn’t know any better and isn’t afraid to ruin a fine pair of pants for a joke.

It seems this continued off the set as well, with Pratt teaming with Nick Offerman and Adam Scott to keep up on all that poo-related fun. As Pratt reveals to Conan on Tuesday’s show, he and the others would send each other photos after they’ve had an exceptional movement, perhaps one that comes out in a funny shape or one that is just a Herculean task to wrangle, leaving you proud at the accomplishment. I can only imagine looking at the toilet and thinking, “that’s an Offerman.”

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