The ‘Mission: Impossible’ Series Snags Director Christopher McQuarrie For Two More Films

01.14.19 6 months ago


Hopefully you liked the last two Mission: Impossible romps, because the next two will be a lot like them. The director of Rogue Nation and last summer’s Fallout, Christopher McQuarrie, is signing on to direct the next two, too, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Once upon a time, Mission: Impossible had a revolving door approach to directors — each one made by a different auteur. The first, all the way back in 1996, was helmed by no less than the legendary/infamous Brian De Palma, who relished the chance to break out complicated set pieces. The second took a sharp turn with the more romantic, motorcycles-smashing one helmed by John Woo. J.J. Abrams turned the third into essentially a big screen episode of Alias, while the fourth boasted the byzantine design-work of The Incredibles’ Brad Bird.

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