Conan Has A Bone To Pick With Joel McHale Over His New Book

Entertainment Writer

Joel McHale brought his charming attitude and “acidic” humor to Conan on Monday, promoting his new show on CBS, his book, and his one-man war against Angela Lansbury. That comes after Conan reveals he has a little green bone to pick with McHale over a certain portion of his book. I’m sure it’s not the first time that Conan has been compared to some freakish looking leprechaun, but McHale is not nice to quite a few people in this book. There’s the already mentioned Lansbury and then we have the way Chevy Chase is represented in the book.

It’s well known that Chase and McHale literally butted heads a few times on the set of Community, but to ensure future actors and actresses are prepared, McHale has included a how-to guide for dealing with a Chevy Chase attack. It might be worth buying the book for this alone.

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