Daft Punk was a no-show on ‘Colbert Report’: Watch Colbert explain why

Stephen Colbert set his comedy to “stun” last night as he blasted MTV Networks last night on “The Colbert Report” for putting the kibosh on Daft Punk’s “surprise” appearance on the comedy show.

Colbert showed little restraint revealing that the MTV VMAs had booked Daft Punk for its Video Music Awards, set for Aug. 25, and that MTV/Logo group president Van Toffler wanted to put a stop to the French dance duo’s appearance on the comedian’s annual “Colbchella” hour of programming.

As previously reported, Daft Punk were booked to play their Song of the Summer “Get Lucky” on last night’s “Colbert” (Aug. 6). Daft Punk had not yet been announced as performers at the VMAs.

Toffler claimed that Daft Punk’s performance at the VMAs was to be exclusive, and with Comedy Central and MTV sharing a parent company Viacom, they effectively got first dibs. Colbert alleged that the band did not agree to exclusive terms; regardless, Daft Punk ultimately had to choose between appearing on “Colbert” and the VMAs, and they went with the latter. All this, starting about 24 hours before the show was to be taped.

Colbert mocked a Toffler email, quoting his words, “Not sure I can help [Colbert Report] on that one” because he “checked in with [his] peeps…they’re feelin funky on this one.”

Colbert’s jabs at Viacom and its various subsidiaries are among the best thrills from the show, and Colbert hasn’t pulled his punches before. Last night, he poked fun at MTV and its VMAs ceremony as “the one night of the year they still show music videos.”

It’s true that the show is on Aug. 25, but at press time, it doesn’t actually boast appearances by Paula Deen and the E*Trade baby. Although, I’d personally love to critique a show where Chris Brown hosts.

Watch the full vid, funky peeps, and the one below it, to get Daft Punk’d with Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, Jimmy Fallon, the Rockettes, Henry Kissinger, Matt Damon, the cast of “Breaking Bad” and JON STEWART.