The First ‘Dark Tower’ Teasers Popped Up In A Fake McConaughey-Elba Twitter Beef, Of All Places

Before we say anything else: Yes, this whole Twitter beef between Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba is more staged than even the Rock and Vin Diesel’s supposed onset beef, which we all know is going to end in the ring. But it offers up the first footage of The Dark Tower, so we couldn’t care less.

If you’d like to start the whole thread, it’s right here, with McConaughey suddenly in character as the sorcerer Walter Padick. But if you’d like to skip that and get to the teases, here’s McConaughey as the bad guy. Either that or McConaughey’s Lincoln ads have gotten even weirder.

Idris as Roland, on the other hand, we have no doubt, as he reloads his guns literally on the fly.

Do you need that as a GIF? We think you need that as a GIF. Here’s that as a GIF.
Fans, of course, will spot a bunch of subtle nods to the books even in these short clips. The door standing open in seemingly the middle of nowhere, for example, is particularly relevant to the goings-on. But, if for some reason you’re not sold on a movie based on a GIF, keep an eye out for the trailer dropping tomorrow.

(via Twitter)