DC’s Charles Soule hopes to blindside fan expectations with ‘Supeman: Doomed’

(CBR) Yes, Charles Soule has a lot going on. He's in the rare position of having a major presence at both Marvel and DC Comics, writing “Inhuman,” “She-Hulk” and “Thunderbolts” for the former (his “T-Bolts” run wraps up with May's issue #26); and “Superman/Wonder Woman,” “Red Lanterns” and “Swamp Thing” at the latter. On top of that, he's keeping his creator-owned roots firmly planted with the acclaimed “Letter 44” for Oni Press, which, according to rumors, has attracted interest as a TV show.

But hard work is nothing new to Soule — as has been well-publicized, he's also an attorney with his own practice. And it's the results of that effort that he's especially eager to talk about, the topic of his conversation with CBR News this past weekend at the DC Comics at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, with a focus on the latest developments in his three current DC series.

CBR News: Charles, I'm sure you're tired of talking about how much stuff that you do, but it is notable, I think — six monthly books.

Charles Soule: Seven.

On top of being a lawyer.


And having a family.


Any one of those things would keep a person busy — have you always been especially good at time management and staying organized? I remember you wrote a blog post recently that seemed to try to demystify it all a bit.