You Can Connect With ‘Deadpool 2’ And X-Force Pal Peter On LinkedIn For Your Regional Sales Needs

Entertainment Editor


Deadpool 2 introduces the X-Force, along with a whole new barrage of fourth-wall-breaking pop culture jokes about the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond. Along with the kinda-sorta sister group to the X-Men, comes an addition to the team that’s a little unorthodox. An addition that doesn’t really have the body count on his resume some would prefer for that line of work. But most of all, he’s an addition who will probably get killed. He’s Peter (Rob Delaney), and he’s a Regional Sales Manager at Excalibur Cutlery Co. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and see that he’s updated his profile to include “I just do whatever Mr. Deadpool tells me to!”



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