‘Deadpool’ Has Taken Over The Cover Of Almost Every Movie In Walmart’s Blu-Ray Section

Via Fox

Deadpool’s allure is that he’s a pop culture-devouring weirdo, like so many others on the internet. He’s a guy who, along with his great talent at killing bad guys, can sit down and enjoy a silly movie and have his own little MST3K moments. He’s just like us, except he’s a mutant, and part of X-Force, and is answering questions on Google, and he can’t die.

So to go along with all of his Hugh Jackman-prodding, Deadpool has worked with his friends in the industry to place him on the covers of just about every intellectual property that either allowed him to, or were owned by Fox. Take a look at the impressive Deadpool versions of Office Space, the X-Men movies (lacking any commentary around Bryan Singer), and most importantly — My Cousin Vinny.

According to users on Twitter who are hesitant, yet simultaneously willing to drop a bunch of cash on movies they wouldn’t have bought if not for Deadpool on the cover, Predator, Terminator, Assassin’s Creed, Fight Club and dozens of other movies all got Deadpool’d. Now some out there are considering collecting them all, because when it really comes down to it, Deadpool is an assassin, and assassins know that capitalism and a solid marketing plan can do wonders.