This ‘Deadpool 2’ Poster May Reveal Film’s Full Title And Plot Details

While some people were worrying about whether Deadpool movies will continue to be R-rated now that Disney is calling the shots (the answer being, f*ck yeah they will), the talented marketing department for the franchise kept furiously pumping out well hung art. Deadpool 2‘s titular Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, tweeted a new poster for the sequel which featured a phrase that may end up being the film’s subtitle, and it definitely namechecks a popular storyline from comics.

Here’s the new poster, a take on Michelangelo’s fresco The Creation of Adam from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, except nobody’s naked and, instead of God surrounded by twelve figures and swooping fabric taking on the shape of a human brain, this version shows Cable hovering in front of one of his time-travel portals:

Reynolds tagged several museums in the tweet, as well as tagging Buca di Beppo (in yo’ face, Olive Garden). But more important than shouting out casual family-style Italian dining experiences, the poster included the classy subtitle “The Second Coming.” It wouldn’t surprise us if the sequel ends up being titled Deadpool: The Second Coming, although we were also fond of Untitled Deadpool Sequel.

This may also hint at a possible storyline for the movie. The comics crossover series X-Men: Second Coming involved Cable saving the first mutant born in quite some time (Scarlet Witch remade reality and removed the mutant genome; it’s complicated). Cable takes her to the future, names her Hope, and raises her like a daughter, eventually taking her back to the past when she’s a teenager.

We don’t know if Hope is going to be involved in the movie’s plot, but she does seem to be referenced. Note the teddy bear attached to Cable’s belt in the poster and in this first look photo from August:

(Via Screen Rant and Nerdist)