‘Deadpool’ Creator Rob Liefeld Would Like A Certain Oscar Winner To Play Cable In The Sequel

There’s always a few names you never consider for a large genre film, mostly because the price tag would be too high and the idea of them in some weird costume is hard to picture. Russell Crowe isn’t exactly untouchable when it comes to goofy film roles — The Man With The Iron Fists comes to mind — but he’s still on that level where he might not be your first choice or possibility. That didn’t stop Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld from planting a few seeds for Crowe to possibly play Cable in the sequel to Fox’s hit.

Liefeld dropped his suggestion on Twitter, just kinda dropping it out there for the world and Crowe to see:

Instead of ignoring it, Crowe happened to respond and sparked a few articles like this one across the internet.

The whole thing is a stretch, but it’s not like a pointless rumor with unnamed insider sources dropping tidbits about Wolverine appearing in Infinity War with The Avengers. Crowe hasn’t been cast but has now been added to the pile of actors mentioned as possible candidates to play Cable in Deadpool 2. He even has his own mockup to make it official, right up there with Keira Knightley:

Seeing Crowe pop up in Deadpool would be fun given what we saw with him in The Nice Guys — robbed of being named on many “best of 2016” movie lists. Not to mention he’s already got one superhero film under his belt with Man of Steel and could easily add this one without throwing off the balance between Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios.

It would certainly make up for Noah and that wine movie with Ridley Scott, but it wouldn’t save him from facing jokes about them from Ryan Reynolds.

(Via Screen Crush)