Kyle Chandler Is The Latest Name In The Cable Options For ‘Deadpool 2’ Sweepstakes

Deadpool was the kind of movie that sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood, teaching the valuable lesson that sometimes slapping an R-rating on a film about R-rated comic book characters is the exact opposite of a death sentence. During what is one of the most incredible comic book film booms that we’ve ever known, Deadpool brought something different to the table and the often-shelved film went from an afterthought to overhauling how executives saw comic properties on the big screen. That meant, of course, there would be a Deadpool 2.

Of course.

Deadpool 2 will be featuring yet another uber-popular character by the way of Cable and lots of notable tough guys are tossing their hats into the ring to score the role. As for the name being kicked around Hollywood right now as the man who will land the gig? According to Screen Rant, it’s Kyle Chandler.

The 50-year-old Chandler might not be the first pick for a lot of fans, but considering how well he’s done in Netflix’s Bloodline, The Wolf of Wall Street and Zero Dark Thirty it’s safe to say that if he’s selected, he’ll probably be able to pick up the nuance of being a grumpy old guy handling big guns just fine, even without prior gun-toting bad-ass comic book guy roles on his resume.

(Via Screen Rant)