Why Does Everyone In ‘The Defenders’ Trailer Seem To Hate The Iron Fist So Much?

Danny Rand just can’t catch a break. From poor reviews to articles offering advice on how to make it through the 13-episode series (or not), Marvel’s mystically-powered martial arts character didn’t fare well in his Netflix debut. And if the new trailer for his next outing, The Defenders is any indication, Rand’s new friends — Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock — aren’t going to make his life any easier. Most of the trailer’s appearances by the self-described “Immortal Iron Fist” involve plenty of action, of course, but they also feature the other Defenders constantly making jabs about the Lazarus-like rich kid “with the glowing fist.”

So why do the rest of the team seem to hate Danny so much? The knee-jerk answer to this will likely cite Iron Fist‘s poor critical reception, as well as the fanbase’s general preference for the other Marvel/Netflix properties. Yet as our own Alan Sepinwall points out, “[The Defenders] was made before anyone at Netflix/Marvel knew how poorly Iron Fist would be received.” As a result, he adds, “any real compensation” for the latter’s failure can only come “later.” As for the source material, “heroes for hire” Danny and Luke are generally depicted as best friends. Whenever Iron Fist crosses Daredevil’s path, the two have generally respected one another as a professional courtesy. Jessica Jones meanwhile despises Danny for various reasons in the current Power Man and Iron Fist series.

Ultimately we won’t know why everyone else dislikes Danny so much in The Defenders trailer until the episodes drop August 18th. Though with plenty of comic book stories to choose from, a not-so-great introduction in the Iron Fist series, and actor Finn Jones’ marketing mishaps, perhaps Netflix is capitalizing on all the hate. It’s sure to please audiences, and judging by how much schadenfreude the trailer generates at Danny’s expense, we couldn’t be happier.

From his first meeting with Luke in an alley, which results in a beat-down and the question, “How come you can’t be hurt?”

And Luke’s predictable response to Danny’s “I am the Immortal Iron Fist” declaration…

To being the first to go down in what looks like a climactic team battle…

And getting this reaction from Jessica…

The Defenders‘ hate for Danny Rand is real. This show is going to be amazing.