The First Trailer For Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ Has Arrived

After a brief tease of security footage, Netflix has revealed the Defenders for the first time. And even the trailer pays off a bunch of plotlines while also making it clear Iron Fist will be the butt-monkey of this particular team.

In a broader sense, the gang is all here, up to and including Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple, who winds up brokering the peace between Danny Rand and Luke Cage, and Misty Knight, who drags Jessica Jones in over a murder. Matt Murdock is her attorney, and we’re off to the races, as it appears our foursome will be duos, at first, before they finally meet at the mysterious land development that’s been a thread throughout each of the four series so far. Oh, and if you were wondering where Matt got his throwback look in the trailer, it appears he borrows Jessica’s scarf.

Jokes aside, the trailer’s highly promising, not least because apparently Danny is the annoying kid of the group the others make fun of. And there’s plenty of hints the show will be a bit snarkier than we generally see from Marvel and Netflix’s collaboration. Just as interesting, though, is that it appears Elektra will, at least at first, be a foe of the team. What plans, precisely, does the Hand have for a New York real estate deal and a ninja it brought back from the dead? We’ll find out August 18th.

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