Did Honest Trailers mean to endorse the Horde over the Alliance in ‘Warcraft’ trailer?

It”s no secret that I”m a huge World of Warcraft nerd. Probably to the detriment of other responsibilities, like exercising or getting enough sleep. So I was exactly the target demographic for Duncan Jones” live-action take on the video game franchise. There was no need for the film to concern itself with being too dense for me. Large doses of exposition didn”t bog down the pacing but instead gave my lore nerd self a bit of a buzz.

However, I am cognizant enough to realize catering to a niche group (even if that group was 12 million strong at one point) of fans usually doesn”t translate when adapting any form of media for the silver screen. If your storyline requires a decade of more of commitment to properly follow, your gonna have a bad time.

Which is why as much as I love Warcraft, I”m able to poke fun at it. Honest Trailers managed to nail down many of the issues the film suffered from. Mostly that the Alliance is super boring.