The biggest question from the ‘Warcraft’ trailer that only super-nerds are asking

In case you haven”t heard, the best-selling “Warcraft” video game series is getting a movie. And last week fans got their first solid look at what to expect as both the poster and the trailer dropped during BlizzCon. HitFix Harpy even had more behind-the-scenes information than you can shake a stick at from the set.

But there”s one question lingering that only twelve* people will care about: What in the name of the Titans is Dalaran doing floating in the sky already?

Image Credit: Legendary Pictures

*or twelve million…give or take.

Based on the timeline established by the games, Dalaran should still be sitting pretty in the Alterac Mountains until the Lich King forces their hand and they abscond to Northrend…

Wait, let me back up.

In the world of “Warcraft” humans are not a monolithic culture. The humans we”ll be following in the film live in the southern Eastern Kingdoms, with their capitol being Stormwind. To the north are several more countries, but we”ll be focusing on the Kirin Tor and their tiny kingdom in the Alterac Mountains. Basically the Kirin Tor are a group of human mages that allied with the High Elves to create a city where folks could study magic. Boom! Dalaran is founded.

Eventually it all goes sideways and the Scourge (aka zombies) are unleashed upon the world. It”s all very political and tragic but the important thing here is the Kirin Tor basically say “Peace out” and lift the entire city of Dalaran into the sky and float away to an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT continent. They even abandon the High Elves to burn in the aftermath of the Third War, during which time the High Elves become the Blood Elves. We know the High Elves haven”t gone into their emo phase yet because they”re wearing green instead of red in the trailer.

Image Credit: Legendary Pictures

All of this is to say the plot line of “Warcraft” follows that of the FIRST WAR, which is pretty much just a first contact plot only with orcs instead of aliens. The orcs come through a magical Dark Portal from their dying universe into Azeroth and misunderstandings and shenanigans ensue. But since we”re dealing with the First War that means the High Elven Sunwell hasn”t been corrupted and the Lich King hasn”t turned the human kingdom of Lordaeron into a zombie-filled nightmare, which means Dalaran has not been attacked which means it should be sitting pretty in the Alterac Mountains…SO WHY IS IT FLOATING?

Explain yourself, movie! Is it the Bronze Dragonflight? 

“Warcraft” arrives in theaters on June 10, 2016.