Dying ‘Star Wars’ fan gets to see ‘The Force Awakens’

Daniel Fleetwood, the terminally ill man whose dying wish is to see “The Force Awakens,” got to see an early version of the film yesterday.

Fleetwood's wife, Ashley, posted on Facebook that director J.J. Abrams called Daniel the day before to tell him he would get to see the film, and the screening was at the Fleetwood home.

“While the cancer and situation is horrible, I feel a weight has been lifted for me by knowing he got his final wish,” Ashley wrote

Fleetwood, 32, was given two months to live over two months ago, and didn't think he would make it to the December premiere date. The Texas man is a massive fan, and camped out for tickets back in the prequel trilogy days. 

Mark Hamill, one of several “Star Wars” actors to tweet his support of Fleetwood's dying wish (along with countless others using the #ForceforDaniel hashtag), said on Twitter that he was “elated.”