Eleven will return for Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ season 2, but how?

You likely saw a lot of Stranger Things' Eleven this Halloween but get ready to see more of the real deal when the Netflix series returns for Season 2. In what shouldn't be that much of a surprise, Millie Bobby Brown is set to return to the 80s.

TV Line says their sources tell them Brown, who previously starred on BBC America's Intruders, will return for the second season of the hit sci-fi, nostalgia-packed show. Producers Matt and Ross Duffer (aka The Duffer Brothers) told Entertainment Weekly previously they would be continuing the story with characters like Mike, Dustin, and Joyce but “We don”t know about Eleven. We leave that up in the air.”

Netflix declined to comment, most likely because they'd like to keep how Eleven will be back under wraps.  When I heard the news, I wasn't shocked. Brown's Eleven was an integral part of the story, and while she seemingly sacrificed herself in the last episode, I knew she was too good of an actor and character to let go of forever. No word on if Brown will have to cut her hair down again or if it grows at a normal rate in the Upside Down…

Here's a brief recap of what we know so far about Season 2. New characters will be joining the crew, American Odyssey's Sadie Sink (as Max) and Power Rangers' Dacre Montgomery (as Max's brother Montgomery), while a few others are still being cast.

If you need more Stranger Things in your life but can't wait for the new season, might I suggest “A Stranger Things Christmas” to hold you over?

(via /Film)