Watch ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown get her head shaved to play Eleven

The young cast of Stranger Things have been a big hit both in the show and with their talents outside the Upside Down. But Millie Bobby Brown, who played Eleven on the show, made a bigger impact with her shaved head and she's just posted the video of it all going down.

Brown, who I recognized from BBC America's Intruders where she played the extremely intense Madison O'Donnell, was a fantastic addition to Stranger Things. She's also one of the few young actors asked to change their look dramatically for a role. A few adult actors have gone the shaved-head route recently – remember when Karen Gillen did it to play Nebula for Guardians of the Galaxy? – but it was a bigger deal for Brown and her family.

Not too long ago Variety asked the Duffer Brothers where the inspiration for Eleven's look came from. They wound up referencing another famously shaved head:

Matt: That came very quickly. For some reason we decided she was going to emerge from the woods in this dirty hospital gown and her hair was going to be buzzed. The trick was no little girls wanted to buzz their hair, it”s not something either them or their parents are into. Even with Millie there was a lot of talk about it. They were hesitant because it was like, “Is this gonna cost her roles?”

Fortunately, it was the time that the “Mad Max: Fury Road” marketing was really ramping up. We showed Millie a picture of Charlize [Theron] as Furiosa and said, “Does she not look badass?” She was like, “Yeah.” We said, “You”re gonna look badass, exactly like Charlize.” She”s like, “OK, let”s do it.” Thank God for “Mad Max.” We shaved it off within 10 minutes. Her dad ran out crying, but within a week her entire family all loved it.

Ross: We needed something that would make her not feel like she fit in in this world. She”s growing her hair now, but it”s still very short. It”s taking a while.

Without a doubt, the look added something extra to the character.

Brown decided yesterday to post a time-lapsed video of the big event:

As someone who recently took the same plunge, I applaud Brown for going for it (and her parents for agreeing to it). Hair has a lot of weird baggage attached to it from an emotional standpoint and how others perceive you. More so in Hollywood.

Happy to be a part of the badass club.