Ellie Goulding’s new ‘Beating Heart’ track from ‘Divergent’ percolates

02.25.14 5 years ago

Ellie Goulding”s new tune, “Beating Heart,” from “Divergent,” fulfills the mandate of any song that escorts a soldier going off into battle: wanting a last moment with a loved one.

In this case, the song, as the lyric video shows, serves as the the love theme for the dystopian movie”s heroine, Tris, played by Shailene Woodley, and her mentor in Dauntless, the faction she runs away to join. Her mentor/love interest, Four, is played by Theo James.

The song fits in perfectly with Goulding”s other material musically, and even lyrically, in its longing for love. While “Beating Heart” was written specifically for the movie, the film also incorporates tunes from Goulding”s second album, “Halcyon.”  “[We] soon found that the texture of her music and the tone of her voice perfected matched our film,” said “Divergent”s” director Neil Burger in a statement. “In many ways, Ellie has become the inner voice of our heroine, Tris.” Her voice is also used in Junkie XL”s score.

The “Divergent” soundtrack, out March 18, also includes music from Zedd, as well as new songs from Snow Patrol, Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar, M83, A$AP Rocky and more.

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