Exclusive: It’s the end of the world as we know it in CONVERGENCE #8

What happens when you smash multiverses together? The same thing that happens when you smash anything else together. They begin to crumble. In CONVERGENCE #8, the effects of screwing around with the time stream become an immediate danger to everyone who has ever existed on any plane of reality.

For the past few weeks the New 52 – and dozens of other DC universes – have been thrown together in a pitched battle for survival. A sweeping epic that will forever change the face of DC Comics, Convergence is a bit dense. Get the full low down here.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

As for the main story, the event comes to a shocking conclusion in CONVERGENCE #8. With Hal Jordan bringing an abrupt end to Deimos” reign, a chain of events has been set into motion that cannot be undone. In what DC is referring to as “a crisis of infinite proportions” who will survive to see the dawn of a new reality?

HitFix Harpy received an exclusive look inside the final chapter of this world-ending saga. After the jump, see what”s in store ahead of CONVERGENCE #8 arriving on store shelves 5/27!