Exclusive: DC Comics returns to a simpler universe in 5 CONVERGENCE: WEEK 1 covers

This April, DC Comics begins their CONVERGENCE event. Forty mini-series will take readers back to a pre-“Flashpoint” DCU. Leaving behind the New 52, we”ll be checking in with everyone from a married Superman to Oracle and other classic heroes, as if they were never swept from the continuity with the 2011 reboot.

So, is CONVERGENCE tied to whatever is going on with FUTURE”S END? No one knows. However, it seems awfully convenient that we”re popping over to the old universe around the same time the New 52 world is quickly unraveling. Maybe this is just a trip down memory lane for long time readers. Maybe it”s a way for DC to get back to the pre-Flashpoint continuity as the main universe. Maybe multiverses will smash together to forge a new timeline. Maybe none of these things. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, Hitfix got an exclusive look at five of the covers and solicitation from CONVERGENCE: WEEK 1. After the jump, get a sneak peek at what”s to come.