Exclusive: Superman Unchained #6 Has A Lot Of Nukes

As Samuel L. Jackson would say, “Hold on to your butts,” because it turns out launching every nuclear warhead on the planet simultaneously might be too much chaos for the Justice League to save the day.

According to DC Entertainment, in Superman Unchained #6 the 'Man of Tomorrow' and the Superman of yesterday go at it after Wraith decides saving some lives is better than risking losing everyone. Forever the optimist, Superman doesn't like that logic and a seismic battle ensues ranging from deep space to the ocean floor to the core of the Earth. Meanwhile, Lois Lane heaves a sigh – presumedly muttering something about damn men and their testosterone pissing contest – and is left to deal with the Big Bad, named Ascension, alone.

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

HitFix got an exclusive preview of the first four pages of this explosive issue. See how it all starts to unfold after the jump!

Superman Unchained #6 is on sale March 19th. Written by Scott Snyder with art by Jim Lee.