Exclusive: The Gang’s all here for SECRET SIX #1 by Gail Simone

Fan favorite Gail Simone returns to DC Comics this December with a new run of the SECRET SIX. After finishing up her lauded “Batgirl” series, Simone”s next project brings more dysfunctional antiheroes into the New 52 fold.

Who are the Secret Six? Well, that question has several answers. The first group to take on the name were Silver Age covert operatives, like superhero “Charlie”s Angels.” The second group built on that story. Don't worry about them.

Then in 2005, the concept was revamped for a new generation, with nebulously evil characters such as Deadshot and Catman taking center stage. Yet the playbook remained the same: the Secret Six was still run by a mysterious leader and still did covert ops. But now the missions were darker, morally grey, and came with a high body count. 

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

After a three year hiatus, the Six finally get their day in the New 52 sun. HitFix is able to reveal an exclusive look at the first few pages of SECRET SIX #1. The future members of the gang find themselves trapped in a room with no way out and no answers as to what's going on. Assumedly, they must work together to answer the question – “What is the secret?” – that leads to freedom, but that”s easier said than done.

Fans of Simone”s previous run of the series should recognize some of new line-up. Catman and Black Alice return. As for the other four members? See for yourself after the jump!

SECRET SIX #1 will be on sale December 3, 2014.