Exclusive: The most deadly enemy comes from within in Justice League #37


In “secure” facilities scattered around our globe, some of the most deadly viruses imaginable sit in petri dishes, biding their time. But what if one of those research labs was breeched? That”s the question posed by the latest Justice League story arc, “The Amazo Virus.”

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

Previously, on Justice League: During a scuffle between Neutron and Lex Luthor, a huge chunk of Luthor”s building was blown up. This is pretty typical collateral damage for a meta-human fight. But this time, the hapless architecture housed a virus Luthor was saving to turn humans into superhuman.

Think of it kind of as “The Incredibles” Syndrome, only with a disease that temporarily manifests superhuman powers in the victim before killing them in a spectacular fashion. Oh, and if you”re ALREADY metahuman? It just shuts down your powers and slowly kills you.

And now that virus is loose in Metropolis, which is where we pick up in JUSTICE LEAGUE #37. After the jump, check out this exclusive sneek peek from HitFix.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #37 will be on sale December 17.

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