Exclusive: ‘The Wolf Among Us’ must rhyme, or not get to the murder scene in time

TellTale Games smash hit “The Wolf Among Us” is based on the Vertigo series “Fables,” where creatures of myth and fairy tale try to covertly live among mundane humans. Set before the events of the first issue of “Fables”, “Wolf Among Us” stars Bigby Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf) as a sheriff and a detective trying to solve Fabletown crime. Then, everything came full circle as “Wolf” became the first Vertigo digital-first series.

Image Credit: Vertigo/DC

Starting back in December, a new chapter of “The Wolf Among Us” was released on Comixology and other digital platforms every week. Adapting and expanding on the video game plot, “Wolf” follows Bigby and Snow White as they attempt to unravel a murder mystery before they lose their heads.

HitFix got an exclusive look at the first pages of Chapter Six, available exclusively wherever digital download comics are sold on Wednesday, January 14. And if you need a physical copy? The first three chapters of “Fables: The Wolf Among Us” will be available in print the same day, wherever comics are sold.