First official ‘Batman v Superman’ deleted scene introduces a new villain, makes no sense

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was originally a three-hour movie. Warner Bros. has said the Blu-Ray will have a director”s cut that puts back scenes that were cut for time, including Jena Malone”s Barbara Gordon. But why wait? The first official deleted scene from BvS dropped today, and it makes about as much sense as the rest of the film…


Why is there a SWAT team descending into the Kryptonian ship? Where does this fit into the timeline of the film? It has to be after Lex Luthor gets access to Zod”s body, but before the transformation of Doomsday is complete. Unless. Is this is happening simultaneously with the big fight between the Trinity and Cave Troll Doomsday?

It kind of appears that way. Luther is up to his shoulders in bloody afterbirth. Why he decided to bathe in the amniotic fluid of his hellbeast is unknown. But if I had to guess, this scene goes right before Luthor”s journey to prison. The government sent a SWAT team to bring him in. Of course, that still doesn”t explain the Nanobot Devil™, but there are a few good candidates.

#1: Steppenwolf

Image Credit: DC Comics

As the uncle of Darkseid – and one of his top-ranking generals – Steppenwolf is the obvious choice. The Nanobot Devil™ even has the same horns, albeit in the comics the horns are a helmet on a humanoid New God. If Darkseid was going to send someone through to clear the way for invasion, this guy would be the safe bet. If the cubes are indeed Mother Boxes, they could be used to open portals to the Fourth World and allow the armies of Darkseid to attack multiple fronts.

#2: Desaad

Image Credit: DC Comics

Another follower of Darkseid – and one of his chief councillors – Desaad is a New God whose power set includes the ability to drain emotions from his victims. Dasaad gains power through feeding off the emotions of his victims. He is also capable of telepathy, mind control, illusions, and teleportation through dimensions. This could go a long way to explaining Luthor”s bizarre behavior in BvS. If you can”t feel anything but paranoia, if you”ve got a New God controlling your mind intermittently, you”re gonna look a little insane.

#3: Darkseid

Image Credit: DC Comics

Sure, why not. A demonic creature made of leftover material from The Chronicles of Riddick Underverse is no more outlandish than a big grey rock monster wearing an armor unitard.

What do you guys think? Are the New Gods going to be more alien in the DCEU? Or is this creature something else?

Take a look at our take on the reveal in the video player above or below.