Jena Malone’s Batman v Superman Role Confirmed By…Community Survey?

We recently found out Jena Malone's mysterious Batman v Superman character didn't make the final cut of the film but would be included in the R-rated home release. Director Zack Snyder was attempting to keep her role quiet until then but an official Warner Bros. survey didn't get the memo.

Ready to know?

Drumroll, please…

It's Barbara Gordon.

Rumors of who Malone would be playing in the film started back in 2014. They suggested redheaded DC Comics characters as the actor was sporting that color at the time. Either Barbara Gordon (a.k.a. Batgirl, Oracle) or Carrie Kelley (a.k.a. The Dark Knight Returns' Robin). More recently in February of this year, a scan of a French magazine claimed she was Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.

Since we were getting close to the film's release, folks had been getting a bit looser with their lips. An Entertainment Weekly writer debunked a Reddit rumor that suggested Malone played a paralyzed Barbara Gordon and when the outlet asked Synder to comment he told them, “I think we should keep it private, but it”s nothing that”s been talked about. She”s definitely not Robin or Batgirl. I”m happy to say that.”

It seems he was also happy to skirt the truth by the narrowest hair.

io9 says the survey image was posted on Reddit. User katniss_everjeans explained, “It's a survey sent to anyone who's a member of WB's 'A-List community'. Basically, you get sent surveys about upcoming promos for TV shows and movies.”

We're in an odd time where fans both scramble for every bit of information on an upcoming project while others try their best to avoid it. So it's frustrating for me when creators decide to speak in half-truths instead of simply saying, “I'd rather keep that information to myself for now.” Of course, even if Snyder had, this Warner screw-up would still have revealed the information for anyone willing to look for it and even some who didn't.

All that said, some fans speculated Malone only being included in the R-rated version of Batman v Superman meant we'd be getting a Killing Joke adaptation but I'm doubtful on that for a few reasons. Mostly because the information we have right now reads “not Batgirl,” and “not Oracle,” simply “Barbara Gordon.” And I highly doubt Snyder, who has worked with Malone before, would cast her in a role that wouldn't eventually lead her to the Batgirl suit. Having her shot and paralyzed in this film would mean any Batgirl action would have to play out in flashbacks and besides Warner's Wonder Woman film they seem to be looking toward the future for their characters. The only way I do see the Killing Joke scenario happening is if it's part of the dream sequences we've heard will be involved.

What do you think?