Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in bed together in first ‘Scary Movie 5’ still

There were questions for a while as to whether Lindsay Lohan was confirmed for a role in “Scary Movie 5,” among rumors of illness-slash-flaking. That issue is put to bed, er, rest as the first photo still from the comedy has been released.

In the pic, Lohan is seen in bed with another tabloid trouble-maker, Charlie Sheen, in what Dimension Films is calling “the ultimate Hollywood hookup.” It’s culled from the “sexy” opening scene from the sequel.

This is the first major movement around “5” from Weinstein/Dimension since June, when they announced that Ashley Tisdale would be taking over as lead in the slap-sticky parody franchise, with no Anna Faris to be found. The complete storyline is as follows:

Snooty, aloof, imperious, and oversexed French dance company director Pierre is putting on a new production. Jody (Tisdal), a Caucasian late-20s mother of two and her late-20s African American friend Kendra are both vying for the lead in the production. Jody’s extremely controlling former dancer mother is determined that Jody will have the brilliant career that eluded her. The highly skilled mid-30s Diva veteran dancer with the company, Heather Daltry, gets cut from the production and goes berserk.

Tisdale is best known for her role in Disney’s “High School Musical” series and spin-offs.

“Scary Movie 5” is being directed by Malcolm Lee (“Soul Men,” “Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins”), who co-wrote the script with “Scary Movie 3” and “4” helmer/producer David Zucker. It’s due in April 2013.